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No, he's not on my buddy list.

FunkmastaEric187: chocobosayswark
Warhead4000: why would i say that?
Warhead4000: have u seen the movie
Warhead4000: gaygasano?
FunkmastaEric187: Forget it, I knew a newbie PC gamer like yourself wouldn't understand a final fantasy joke.
Warhead4000: oh
Warhead4000: i want to get final fantasy 11
Warhead4000: online
Warhead4000: if they make it 4 comp
FunkmastaEric187: it is for PCs.
FunkmastaEric187: it's also coming out for PS2.
Warhead4000: cooool
FunkmastaEric187: I think it might be out now...
Warhead4000: thats what im getting
FunkmastaEric187: dunno.
Warhead4000: looks aweseom
Warhead4000: i keep seeing the commercials
FunkmastaEric187: Heh! yeah, but it looks amazingly complicated!
Warhead4000: yea
Warhead4000: i thought ultima was bad enough....
FunkmastaEric187: lol
FunkmastaEric187: I'd definately look into it.
FunkmastaEric187: FFXI definately looks like something for the 1337 gamer.
Warhead4000: there are like 100 different goods u can make for money
Warhead4000: does huh? *pretends to understand you*
Warhead4000: 13337?
Warhead4000: u mean 7-11?
FunkmastaEric187: ....
Warhead4000: lol
Warhead4000: :'(
FunkmastaEric187: hang on a sec, let me read all these messages you sent.
Warhead4000: lol
Warhead4000: like 4
FunkmastaEric187: blasted n00b! j00 can't 5p34|< 1337!?
FunkmastaEric187: Hang on....
Warhead4000: oh yea, i got the noob part of that
FunkmastaEric187: look, there are n00bs, average users and elite users in computing.
Warhead4000: i know
Warhead4000: what a noob is
FunkmastaEric187: Elite = leet.
FunkmastaEric187: leet = 1337.
Warhead4000: just im mad at numbers
FunkmastaEric187: There's like....too many of 'em an' stuff.
FunkmastaEric187: Right.
Warhead4000: exactly
Warhead4000: lol
FunkmastaEric187: because of the term "1337", an entire form of language has been formed from it.
Warhead4000: oh ic
FunkmastaEric187: it has been deemed "13375p34<|"
FunkmastaEric187: (leetspeak)
Warhead4000: i seeeee
Warhead4000: damn u r2-d2!
FunkmastaEric187: Yes. Here's an example.
Warhead4000: 1337>/12.
Warhead4000: loading..
Warhead4000: oh idc
Warhead4000: ic*
FunkmastaEric187: r|||||||6}{7.... j00 }{4\/3 |\|0 ||)34 \/\/|-|47 j00\/3 573pp3|) |\|70.
Warhead4000: lol
Warhead4000: yea i already knew the sky was blue
Warhead4000: didnt need to remind me
FunkmastaEric187: 84|<4...
Warhead4000: ohhh
Warhead4000: so NOw u say ist pink>
Funkmastaeric187: ...
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